Today we’re excited to announce that Lootex’s Marketplace, Forge (minting service), and Drops are now supporting polygon (formerly Matic Network).

With polygon integration, Lootex users now can utilize the platform’s services at a *significantly* lower gas fee. Now it opens a door for minting large quantity of NFTs for business, see the Forge service Lootex provided at the bottom of this article. Lootex’s polygon marketplace is now open for business. If you would like to see an NFT project get listed, please fill out this form here. …

May 3, 2021 / Art

「 華麗的裝飾和迷幻的風格。我的藝術作品與新藝術、混合媒體和新媒體藝術混合在一起作為當代藝術。」



CASIMIR 的作品主要風格都是在畫面中表現保留人物立體感與質感, 其餘的空間則是扁平化處理但又呈現複雜的深度與抽象意義。 畫法則融合了過去各種藝術風格的長處。

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  1. 你好,可以請你向讀者介紹一下你自己嗎?

May 3, 2021 / Art

“Ornate decoration and psychedelic style. My artworks are mixed with Art Nouveau, mixed media, and new media art as contemporary art.”



The main style of CASIMIR’s work is to preserve the three-dimensionality and texture of the figure in the picture, while the rest of the space is flattened but with complex depth and abstract meaning. The painting method combines the strengths of various art styles from the past.

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1. Hello, can you tell the reader a little about yourself?

Apr 16, 2021 / Art

Even the most mundane things in daliy life can reveal fascinating details.

- K49ART

About K49ART

K49ART is a graphic designer and an NFT artist. He draws creative inspiration from scenes in daily life or images that spontaneously come to mind. Specialized in using geometry to dissect, reconstruct art pieces to create all kinds of mystical symbols and experimental visuals.

K49ART NFT Store:

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Hello, could you please introduce yourself?

Apr 16, 2021 / Art


— K49ART

關於 K49ART

K49ART 是一名平面設計師,也是 NFT 藝術家。擅長運用幾何圖形運用分割、解構,創造出各式神秘符號與實驗性的視覺。

K49ART 品牌商城:

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2021年3月19日 / アート

Post Futurism (ポスト未来派)

5人の台湾新鋭クリエイターが結成する「XST」。彼らの初めてのデジタルアート展覧会「Post Futurism」は果たしてどのような未来像を見せてくれるのか。

XST ギャラリー:


私たちが信じる未来とは? そして、私たちが望む未来とは?




傾来、0と1で記録されたログがメディアの新たなカタチを切り拓き、コンピュータグラフィックスがクリエイティブなメディアの主流の一つとなっている。 グラフィックや3Dデジタルアートも、様々なシグナルを介してフィジカルな枠を破り新たな存在感を示すようになる。


BSC goes on live now

Lootex’s Marketplace now fully supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as of March 23th 5:00 PM UTC. Marketplace users will now be able to use both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to trade NFTs, while enjoying lower gas fees and faster transactions from the BSC network.

Lootex will continue to expand the NFT ecosystem beyond Ethereum to overcome its shortfall caused by clogged networks and skyrocketing gas fees. Ultimately, we strive to develop a rich ecosystem of networks and features to make NFT trading sweet and easy.

👉 Add BSC to MetaMask
Beginner: gitbook.lootex
Pro user: academy.binance

BSC Marketplace Tutorial

Here are some tips…

Mar 20, 2021 / Art



關於 XST

藝術家劉承杰、董十行、葉政青、曾瑋翔、張以得,五位創作者們以自身的理解表現未知的想像,各自擅長的媒材包含數位 2D 與 3D。

原先在業界各自探索進而一同舉辦科幻畫展後,決定將其作品轉換成 NFT,並在 Lootex 創作者系列中發行。

XST 品牌商城:


為什麼會創造 XST 這個聯合品牌呢?

Mar 20, 2021 / Art

“Whatever technologies and media are involved, these are the ideas that we want to share with you. We’re XST.”


About XST

The five artists, Jie Liou, Steven Tung, Ching Yeh, Wei Hsiang Zeng, and Mark Chang (equinoz), each specialize in digital 2D and 3D media, use some technique of artistic to completely transfer digital art into reality.

After exploring their own work in the industry and then holding a science fiction exhibition together, they decided to convert their work into NFT and publish it in Lootex Creators Series.

XST Brand Store:

<Interview Begins>

Why did you create the co-brand — XST?

Mar 19, 2021 / Art

Post Futurism

⟪後未來主義⟫,是由五位非常有潛力的台灣藝術家 — 劉承杰、董十行、葉政青、曾瑋翔、張以得聯手打造的品牌—— XST,所共同創造的科幻數位藝術聯展。

XST 品牌商城:

Courtesy of XST







Lootex Editor

We build. We create. We make Virtual Assets Real.

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