Lootex Season 2 is officially live!

Lootex Editor
5 min readNov 14, 2023
20,000 $USD reward up for grab!


Dear Lootizens, we appreciate your patience.

After several months of preparation, Season 2 is officially live!
Through this article, we want to let everyone know about the new features and updates we have, and most importantly, the detailed information about the missions this time!

New Features

  1. A Fresh Homepage Banner

Along with the featured games and NFTs carousel, you can now stay up-to-date with the latest Lootex news right from the banner. The banner also comes with categorized tags, making it easier for players to quickly find projects they’re interested in.

2. Game Category

We’ve added more refined game category slots to our homepage. This allows players to precisely select games based on their preferences.

3. Game Tag

Edit Gaming Highlights

In our media upload editing page, we’ve added a “Game Tag” feature where players can attach specific tags to their uploaded media content. These tagged contents will appear in the “Community” tab of the “Game Page” for that particular game.

Mighty Action Hero’s Game Highlight

All media that’s been tagged will appear on the Community page of that game, so come and help grow your favorite game’s community!

Season 2 Mission

Basic Mission

Basic Mission

Basic Mission is the start of Season 2. Complete 5 missions to unlock the remaining missions, and once completed, you’ll earn a raffle ticket!

Who knows, you might be the winner of an iPhone 15!

Main Mission

Main Mission is the core of Season 2, and each completion earns you a corresponding $LOOT reward. Unlocking the iPhone 15 also depends on the completion level of the Main Mission.
Lootizens, are you ready to complete the mission together?

Invite Mission ( Total 165,000 $LOOT Reward )

For every completed referral you make, you’ll earn a reward of 4 $LOOT

What is Completed Referral?
A referred user needs to complete all of the basic missions and press the “Claim” button for the raffle ticket to count as a completed referral.

1. There’s no limit to how many you can earn but it’s a limited pool, so you better hurry and invite more friends before the pool runs out.

2. You can check the remaining $LOOT rewards in the pool at any time and notify your friends who haven't completed the mission to speed up.

Check the remaining $LOOT rewards any time

3. We will conduct reviews of accounts that are suspected of being involved in account farming or using bots. If an account is found to be involved in such activities, Lootex will revoke all rewards associated with that account, and the account may be ineligible for rewards in future events.

Trade Mission ( Total 335,000 $LOOT Reward )

During Lootex Season 2, for every completed transaction, both the buyer and the seller can each receive a reward of 20 $LOOT.


  1. The daily transaction limit is a maximum of 10 times.
  2. Each account has a transaction limit of a maximum of 100 times (maximum reward of 2000 $LOOT).
  3. Each transaction must have a total amount more than or equal to a specific amount (refer to the Chain’s Minimum below).

Chain’s Minimum:
ETH — 0.003 ETH
BSC — 0.025 BNB
Polygon — 10 Matic
Arbitrum — 0.003 ETH
MNT — 15 MNT

1. Trade Mission rewards include transactions achieved through both Make Offer and Accept Offer, and they are all counted towards your rewards.
2. You can check your current reward history in the Season 2 Reward Program’s tab.

3. We will conduct reviews of accounts suspected of wash trading (engaging in trades with oneself) or using bots. If an account is determined to have engaged in wash trading, Lootex will revoke all rewards associated with that account, and the account may be ineligible for rewards in future events.

Ticket Bonus Mission

Completing the Ticket Bonus Mission is the best way to increase your chances of winning!
For Lootizens who use the Mantle chain and link their Steam accounts, this is your chance! If you’re a trading enthusiast, you’re getting closer and closer to winning the iPhone 15.

Trade Verified Collection(Maximum: 45 Raffle Tickets)

During Lootex Season 2, every time you complete a transaction with a verified collection on Lootex (collections with a blue checkmark), not only receive $LOOT rewards, both the buyer and the seller will receive bonus raffle tickets as rewards.
Additionally, the more transactions you complete, the more raffle tickets you’ll earn (For collections with a blue checkmark, please refer to the form.)

Complete the transaction
1–3 times: Receive 3 Raffle ticket per completion
4–6 times: Receive 5 Raffle ticket per completion.
7–9 times : Receive 7 Raffle ticket per completion (MAX, up to 45 tickets).

If you complete 9 transactions, you can receive 3 * 3 + 3 * 5 + 3 * 7 = 45 Raffle tickets (maximum).

Partnership Bonus

To celebrate Lootex’s first game, “The Mysterious of Dragon Palace” launching on The Sandbox, you can earn more raffle tickets by completing the missions.

Upload and tag your Lootex Land gaming highlights

We will review the media uploaded by the winners to ensure that they consist of screenshots or screen recordings on Lootex Land. If they do not comply, the winning qualification will be canceled.

Event Period

Season 2 Event Period:
• Start on: 2023/11/14, 7AM (UTC+0)
• End on: 2023/12/12, 10AM (UTC+0)

Claim Reward & Reveal Raffle Tickets Period:
• Start on: 2023/12/19, 7AM (UTC+0)
• End on: 2024/01/09, 10AM (UTC+0)

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