Meet the Artist: Tom Sayers

About Tom Sayers

1. Hello, could you introduce yourself to us? Where are you from, what are you working on now?

Tom Sayers

2. It seems that you know well about 3D, AR, and VR. Why and how did you start to learn these fields?

3. Your artworks are very diverse in style, what influenced your creation?

Tom Sayers — Taiko Bridge, Meguro, through the Seasons — Summer

4. How do you think NFT will change the art industry?


5. Have you ever collected any NFT? Or what kind of NFT would you consider collecting?

6. Tell us about your upcoming NFT creation.

Utagawa Hiroshige — Taiko Bridge, Meguro, on a Snowy Evening

7. What’s your plan in the near future?




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A One-Stop Shop to Gear Up for the Metaverse.

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